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Robyn Denny Colour Box Series for Sale

Robyn Denny

ROBYN DENNY (BRITISH, BORN 1930) "Colour Box (2nd Series)" (green/orange) "Colour Box (2nd Series)" (purple/pink) "Colour Box (2nd Series)" (purple/pink) All three signed 'Denny' and dated 1969/73, inscribed with titles and numbered 01/75 and 01/75 respectively on backboard Screen-print on perspex 61 x 51cm. Robyn Denny was a British artist known for his work in abstract painting, printmaking, and design. Born in Abinger, Surrey, he pursued his artistic education at *St Martin's School of Art and the *Royal College of Art from 1951 to 1957. The vigor and grandeur of *Abstract Expressionist painting deeply influenced him, along with other young British painters of his time. In his early works, such as "Red Beat 6" (1958), he skillfully combined expressive brushwork with lettering, showing a keen interest in the dynamics of urban spaces, much like the *Pop artists. In 1959, he collaborated with Richard *Smith and Ralph Rumney (1934–2002), a painter associated with the *Situationist International, to curate the exhibition "Place" at the *Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The display was arranged as a captivating maze, drawing viewers in close proximity to the artworks. In the following year, he played a significant role in organizing the groundbreaking *‘Situation’ exhibition, which marked a pivotal moment in British abstract art.

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