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Giorgio Matteo Aicardi signed Originals

Giorgio Matteo Aicardi

At the age of fifteen in 1906, Aicardi completed his inaugural fresco depicting Santa Teresa, using his sister Ernesta as the model. This artwork, still on display in the dome of the San Biagio Basilica in his hometown of Finalborgo, Savona, showcases his early talent. Prior to turning twenty in 1911, Aicardi earned the prestigious Pensione Triennale, a three-year scholarship from the government, at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa. This was followed by the Pensionato Quinquennale of Rome, a five-year scholarship that allowed him to study and create art in Florence and Rome. Aicardi received several significant fresco commissions in Assisi, Umbria, and Urbino, Marche, from Piero Torriti. Torriti, an Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti member and the superintendent of art galleries for the Marche region of Italy entrusted Aicardi with these projects. In 1929, Aicardi wed Carmela Veruda, initially one of his students and later his muse. Together, they had three children: Francesco, Ada, and Giovanna. Throughout his life, Aicardi drew inspiration from his family members, often using them as subjects for his artworks. He was honoured with the title of "professor" at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in 1938 and also held positions at the Academy Publio Virgilio Marone in Bari and the Latinanti Escoleangae in Rome. A pivotal moment in Aicardi's career he has occurred in 1950 when he participated in the Lavoro Umano exhibition at the former Royal Palace in Genoa. His painting titled 'Il lavoro nell'infanzia' (The Labor in Childhood) garnered him the Premio della Provincia (Provincial Prize), which was acquired by the Italian Government. Continuing to produce art throughout his life, Aicardi passed away on December 30, 1984, surrounded by his creations in Genoa. His artistic legacy lives on in museums, palaces, churches, and private collections around the globe.

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