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Large format picture framing service

Typically, a picture frame that exceeds A0 dimensions (841 x 1189mm) is considered to be a "large" frame. Such frames often necessitate special planning, materials, and construction to ensure their successful creation.

Since relocating to our new workshop, we have developed expertise in crafting oversize frames, regularly working with pieces that are several meters in height and width. Our framers take great pride in the unique challenges and manufacturing considerations required to construct these enclosures to conservation standards. We stock materials such as glass, acrylic, boards, and profiles in larger-than-usual sizes, and use specialist machinery for extra large picture framing. Despite the challenges presented by the increased weight and fragility of these materials, our construction techniques are adapted and engineered for strength to ensure the best possible results. Support frames and cross bracing are often necessary, particularly for the largest works we have framed, including art canvases with a glazed size of up to 2630 x 1765mm. Our oversize frames always produce spectacular outcomes.

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