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David McAdam Freud

David McAdam Freud

My artistry and exhibition inevitably revolved around him. My creations garnered global attention, consistently selling out and appreciating in value with each subsequent showcase. Since the Isle of Wight Gallery specialized in pieces priced below £10,000, it granted me the freedom to stay contemporary by introducing novel styles. While I may represent a new artistic voice, there are times when this voice remains subdued – burdened by feelings of inadequacy stemming from my upbringing as a council kid, hesitant to embrace praise, and fearful of appearing pompous. My voice resounds most robustly when I summon courage, spontaneity, and confident innovation, utilizing techniques I blissfully lack deep knowledge of. My authenticity shines brightest when I discuss the profound purpose of the soul, embedding hidden creatures within landscapes, thus inviting the viewer's imagination to pay tribute to nature and envision our journey towards the beings we're destined to evolve into.

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