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Callum O’Connell

Callum O'Connell

Though I was born and raised in the vicinity of Birmingham, I made a move to London during my twenties. In the heart of the bustling city, I took on the role of a gas engineer. Back then, photography was more of a leisure activity for me. Together with a couple of friends, I frequently embarked on explorations of London using Boris bikes. Our goal: to uncover distinctive moments for my camera, regardless of the hours we spent outside, rain or shine. I now see myself as incredibly fortunate to be working my dream job. The early hours of the morning are my preferred times to venture out with my camera. During this time, the world seems unoccupied, and it feels as though I'm the only one awake while everyone else remains asleep. It's in these moments that I'm able to witness the sunrise and encapsulate a feeling of tranquility. The mornings I treasure most are those when a spectrum of hues streaks the sky, accompanied by drifting fog.

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