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Annemarie Borg FRSA

Annamarie Borg

Annamarie Borg approaches alternative photographic techniques as well as painting and gel printing with the same dedication she applies to her music and professional endeavors, all of which reflect her profound passion for nature. She navigates these artistic processes through a journey of trial and error, from exploring cyanotype and lumen printing on diverse materials, to forging a personal fusion of cyanotype and lumen processes, and eventually delving into Argyrotypes using the Mike Ware method. She consistently pushes her experimentation forward, exemplified by her innovative extension of the cyanotype technique called "Au Doigté," where she introduces ink and various substrates into the process. In her view, creativity and imagination stand as the primary catalysts for transformation, and she firmly rejects the notion of remaining stagnant. Annemarie resides between Paris and London, nurturing her creative pursuits in both cities.

isle of wight gallery artist

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