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Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond

Hailing from a lineage of artists, with a rich artistic heritage. His father earned acclaim as a highly sought-after watercolourist, showcasing his works at the esteemed Royal Academy. Continuing the family's artistic tradition, his daughter achieved a Master's degree in Installation from the renowned Slade School. Andrew's own artistic journey has led him to exhibitions in diverse locations such as Newcastle, Australia, and the Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight. Dedicating himself entirely to his craft, Andrew now commits his days to painting. His time is split between the serene Island, where he maintains a studio, and the vibrant city of London, where his artistic circles thrive. His artistic repertoire encompasses a variety of styles, ranging from still lifes and portraits to the abstract. Yet, his true passion lies in capturing landscapes, especially those adorned with the presence of birds or animals. In this pursuit, he closely follows in the footsteps of his father, who shared a deep affinity for woodland scenes and the intricate dance of light amidst leaves and trees.

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The Cheat - Andrew Drummond

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